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Radio Spot Production

You need advertising, and we can provide that. We can record and produce a killer radio spot for your business or product, that will connect with your target audience - From your mind, to the ears of the right people.

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Voiceover Tracking

Whether you're looking for a film narration, a voice for an audio book, or even a voice for a radio spot not being produced with us we can accommodate anything!

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Radio Station Production

Is your station's production department overflowing with work? Maybe your looking for that next level of station imaging or a promo pack that will entice your listeners to hop on board, Production Haus Studios can take care of that.

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Copy Writing

Do you want to record a radio spot, but don't have an idea for it? Or maybe your have an idea for one, but can't quite get the perfect dialog. Leave it to Production Haus Studios! We'll get it perfect for you, exactly how you want it.

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You have a page dedicated to pricing, but no price sheet?

We don’t offer one! We know that every clients requirements are different, so we don’t offer a cookie cutter price sheet only to say “Oh, well you require something different so the price isn’t going to be what it is on the site.” NOPE. None of that. We’ll take the time to find out exactly what you want and need for your project to connect with the appropriate audience and work out a price accordingly. Here’s where we must mention that we’re not looking to rip you off, and we’ll always get your project just how you want it. Satisfaction guaranteed.

How long is your turnaround?

Generally we’ll take about 2-3 business days to turn a project around, but remember that everyone’s necessities are different.

*We reserve the right to take a reasonable amount of time to produce your project. Please don’t be mad at us =)

What is your policy on revisions?

Because we have a dual stage approval process (both the written copy, and final product will be approved by clients) we can only allow the first revision to be free. 

Any revision thereafter will cost an additional $25 on top of the initially quoted price.

**Please note: Revisions consist of ANY and ALL changes that are made to a spot AFTER the final approval has been formally received by Production Haus Studios from the client.

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  • Working with you guys was such a pleasure! You met all my deadlines, and went out of your way to get me what I needed. You were an absolute delight to work with.

    Danielle, Scooby Snaks Dog Biscuits

  • I would highly recommend you guys to any advertising department. You have proven to be an invaluable part of our team and a big part of my companies success.

    Ike, Monmouth Supplies

  • I would not even be able to begin to do you guys justice when explaining the level of dedication you put into your work. I give Production Haus the highest endorsement I could give any audio production studio and would be glad to attest to the amazing work they provided our company.

    Niko, New Line Solutions

  • With you guys at the helm of our radio advertising campaign, there was never a worry of a problem, as you managed each project with the utmost of professionalism and concern.

    Joe, Spooters Spot On Deals